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Critical Essay on Business and Economics

An internship is job training for professional and white-collar careers. In general, it consists of a service exchange for experience between an organization and students. The latter can also use internships to gain a school credit, create a network of contacts, or to determine if they have interest in a particular job. Many interns find paid and permanent employment with companies, for which they have worked, upon internship completion. The three articles below inform readers about the list of must-know things when undertaking internships.

The article “How to Make the Most of Your Internship” by Susan Adams (2015) provides information about spending time effectively during an internship. Analyzing different cases, the author states that many interns get tasks that have nothing to do with their profession or have no tasks at all (Adams, 2015). During my internship as a social content fellow with a media company, I have not faced such cases. However, they are very common in other organizations. Often, interns do not object to this situation; they like to spend their internships doing nothing. That is why the article is intended for motivated students. In addition, even spending time ineffectively can bring some indirect experience, such as communication and meeting new people. Thus, the article by Susan Adams (2015) will help me to get the best out of my internship.

The name of the article “The Thing Employers Look for When Hiring Recent Graduates” by Derek Thompson (2014) speaks for itself. Analyzing the situation on the market, it informs the reader about some employers’ expectations. To the author’s mind, the most crucial thing for getting a job in the future is the completion of an internship (Thompson, 2014). I agree that work experience is an important attribute when applying for a job. From this perspective, passing any internship may play even a bigger role than some job skills since a person who has completed it has more job experience. Thus, the article by Derek Thompson can be considered as an advertising of this practice. I agree that the latter are crucial for my future career development, and the article motivates me to complete my current internship.

The article “6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship” by John Coleman (2016) uses a simple language to inform the reader about six ways to make the time spent at an internship as effective as possible. According to the author, they are punctuality, excellence at work, initiative, resourcefulness, curiosity, and communication (Coleman, 2016). I agree that all these attributes are essential for career development. However, from my internship experience, the key quality is motivation since it is a source of all the rest characteristics. Moreover, I think that initiative is the most important attribute among the ones listed above since it is the closest to motivation. Thus, after reading the article by John Coleman (2016), I have geo to know about six simple steps that I should take to maximize my internship experience.

To conclude, completing an internship may be a challenge. However, it is crucial for my future career. The first and the third articles are helpful for me to get the maximum out of it. I realize that it is useful for my job. The second article is a study about the importance of internship experience for being hired by a solid company. It has motivated me to complete as many internships as possible.


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