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Description of Casino

JACK Entertainment is a gaming corporation based in Detroit. The company operates different casinos and additionally owns various properties in different states. Its major goal is to enhance economic activities and instill positive social behaviors. Thus, it aims at improving the communities and connecting people in the city (“JACK Entertainment”, n.d.)

Jack Entertainment is a part of the Rock ventures corporation. The company started in 2009. It was founded by a group of seven people headed by Dan Gulbert. Today the company has an executive council that coordinates different activities including management of properties. Dan Gilbert is the leading mortgage lender, the founder and the manager of the JACK Entertainment industry (Seaman, 2016). Management includes President, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, marketing officers etc. JACK Entertainment also employs numerous staff that perform different tasks from accounting to management.

JACK Entertainment maintains quality management of a group of hotels that provide holiday destinations for different guests. The hotels have proper dining and entertainment rooms. The hotels are quite modern and well-equipped to cater for the most important visitors. The gaming activities are also organized in different hotels to provide entertainment to the guests as they enjoy their holidays. (Ninemeier & Perdue, 2008). There is high-quality gaming equipment there that attracts different people from within and outside the town. The JACK Entertainment hotels have well-established parking that provides spaces for vehicles of the visitors.

The company claims different successes in the past. It has gone through significant transformation in its structure. A year ago, the company employed different specialist to work towards bringing the three Ohio properties together. Greek town Casino hotel which is a branch of the JACK Entertainment industry received AAA award, a reward that is most prestigious in the business sector. The company has expanded its operation to cater for over 100,000 people. The hotels are designed to appeal to the customers that visit the hotel rooms. The corporation built a new branch from scratch; the JACK Cincinnati also provides hotel services that help increase the profits of the general company. The profits of the company have also risen over the past years due to increased provision of facilities. JACK Entertainment has expanded its services to the common people in the Detroit community (Ninemeier & Perdue, 2008). The company offers them an opportunity to take part in the gaming activities.

The JACK Entertainment company has also experienced some drawbacks in their operation. The organization has not shown loyalty to the gamblers at some periods during their operation. There is also lack of provision of other services to gamblers. For instance, the dining services are only limited to the special guests that do not engage in the gaming activities. The company does not offer prestigious services to the local community. In many cases, these services are too expensive for the local people.

The JACK Entertainment company offers different products to the gaming fans. There are a pool table and racing equipment that provides an excellent experience for the gaming customers. The VLT machines and the table games are some of the products that are available in this magnificent corporation. The above equipment is the product of the modern invention in the gaming industry. There is also the provision of wider gaming floors that provide enough entertainment space for the gamblers.

The JACK Entertainment Corporation provides different entertainment services to different fans. The premises are usually open 24 hours a day throughout the year. This provides ample opportunities for everyone to take part in the gambling activities. There are parking services, dining services, self-park services, hotel services, entertainment services etc.


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