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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The subject matter of the course concerns the concepts of business ethics that should guide all current and leading business processes. It provides the deep analysis of applying the ethical norms in business at the macro and micro levels. The course examines competing business ideologies at the macro level. For example, I explored some essential ethical issues concerning capitalism that was of great value for me. The course helps to get valuable information about the role of business in the society. Every person should critically estimate the influence of business on the social life. Thus, it gives the necessary practical knowledge to do that. At the micro level, the course helps to analyze issues about ethical leadership in business organizations and the role of a manager in establishing ethical climate. Accordingly, I came to the conclusion that business should facilitate the development of ethical leadership that would promote better cooperation of all employees.

During the course, I analyzed and interpreted the notions of corporate governance, marketing, and advertising ethics. It gave me the sufficient knowledge concerning business challenges and mechanism to improve business responsibility and ethics. I have deepened my knowledge about the social responsibility of organizations, for example, the business responsibility towards the environment. I got the most useful information while studying the material about ways to change the culture of compliance into the culture of integrity.

The course educated me about business ethics, its role, and functions that would help in my future profession. It was useful to analyze issues concerning the rights and responsibilities of employees, ethical reasoning, and leadership. This course of studies assisted in getting new information about product safety that is important to know for every person who cares about his wellbeing. It was useful to discuss the stakeholder theory considering ethical norms that could improve the work of all stakeholders in the organizations. Thus, the course helped me to examine and estimate the peculiarities of practical application of ethics concepts in business paying attention to the corporate responsibility towards its personnel and society.