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Statement of Purpose – Apply Graduate Admission

Supply Chain Management has become increasingly important in recent years. I am a current finance student at Portland State University, however, I will graduate in December 2016. Therefore, I am looking forward to continuing my education. Portland State University’s School of Business Administration seems to be a perfect place to achieve my goals. My desire to pursue an MS in Global Supply Chain Management degree is based on my intention to assess overall risk in relation to the supply chain, as well as the potential hazards that may arise from individual providers. My deep interest in supply chain management combined with the plan to find a decent position in the field encourages me to continue my graduate study at Portland State University’s School of Business Administration.

As far as career plays a crucial role in my life, I try to pursue its short- as well as long-term objectives. The current program seems very appealing to me since it will teach me how to reduce the cost of shipping raw materials and products for the customers. I am looking forward to exploring complex approaches that may help effectively integrate suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with each other, taking into consideration the service requirements of customers. Moreover, my goal is to manage planning organization and control the movement of raw material flows, working process, finished goods, as well as ensure efficient and fast service of supply chain management. Thus, I need to acquire appropriate knowledge in the field and develop my intellectual capacity to gain new professional qualities. For example, I feel necessity to develop analytical skills in order to be involved for a long time in certain activities. Besides, I am sure that Portland State University’s School of Business Administration is a perfect place to exhibit my personal traits such as responsibility, perseverance, patience, emotional and mental stability, punctuality, and justice.

The feedback received from your former graduates ensures me that your perfect staff may motivate me in my intensions. I am looking forward to communicating with all stakeholders who can assist me to achieve my educational and professional goals. My ability to work hard and my previous experience encourage me to obtain considerable results in my future training under the guidance of competent teachers. I realize that Supply Chain Management is an interactive, systematic and comprehensive strategy, which requires the simultaneous consideration and taking into account many of the reproduction process algorithms. For a successful career, it is necessary to satisfy such requirements as the presence of a qualified leader and a willingness to introduce innovations. I should admit that my perfect leadership skills and original thinking would allow me to succeed in this profession.

I believe that my passion for the supply chain management is abiding, and I will do my best to achieve MS in Global Supply Chain Management degree. Ultimately, it will raise my status and give the opportunity to attract future employers. This program will be my excellent chance to receive first-class education. I am sure that Portland State University’s School of Business Administration will help my dreams come true.